Bank Safety Deposit clothing list

The following is a list of clothing items in the order in which they appear in the Bank Safety Deposit slots:


Group 1

Boy’s Uniform Top
Girl’s Uniform Top
Blazer Top
Standing Collar Top
Summer Sailor Top
Winter Sailor Top
Necktie & Blouse
Ribbon & Blouse
Necktie & Knit Vest
Ribbon & Knit Vest
Pink Logo Shirt
Pastel Pink Shirt
Rainbow Cloud Shirt
Cat Print Shirt
Star Orange Shirt
Heart Pattern Shirt
Stripy Pastel Shirt
White Floral Tunic
Blue Pastel Parka
Number Logo Parka
Heart Mark Parka
Sporty Camisole
Frilly Camisole
Cropped Denim Jacket
Layered Blouson
Pink Down Vest
Stripy Wool Cardigan
Leopard Print Cami
Red Letter Shirt
Anarchy Symbol Shirt
Peace Sign Shirt
Techno Shirt
Reggae Shirt
Stripy Orange Shirt
Camo Shirt Top
Tulip Shirt
No. 5 Shirt
Cow Print Shirt
Diamond Shirt
Blue Star Shirt
Flannel Shirt
Cowboy Shirt
Checkered Shirt
Blue Patchwork Shirt
Simple Parka
Zip Up Parka
Polo Shirt
Purple Scarf Shirt
Fluffy Sweater
Earth Color Sweater

Group 2

Love Sweater
Bluish Jumper
Down Vest
Open Western Shirt
Layered Parka
Plain V-Neck Sweater
Zip Up Blouson
Blue Down Jacket
Green Stadium Jacket
Blue Denim Jacket
Red Leather Jacket
Snakeskin Shirt
Special Forces Top
Black Skull Shirt
Flame Print Shirt
Punk Shirt
Magic Time Shirt
Peach Tie-Dye Shirt
Black Biker Gear Top
Camo Down Vest
Suave Purple Shirt
Leopard Print Shirt
Nurse Jacket
C-Store Uniform
Pilot Uniform Top
Attendant Outfit Top
Firefighter Gear Top
Scientist Coat
Racing Suit Top
Officer Uniform Top
Rocker Clothes Top
Pajama Top
Blue Aloha Shirt
Left Heart Shirt
Right Heart Shirt
Preschooler Pink Top
Old Man’s Top
Comedian Outfit Top
Cowboy Gear Top
Suave Suit Top
Explorer Outfit Top
Prisoner Uniform Top
Robot Body Top
Blue Happi Coat Top
Red Sale Happi Coat
Skeleton Shirt Top
Knight Armor Top
Clown Suit Top

Group 3

Santa Suit Top
Lordly Outfit Top
Pirate Outfit Top
Leather Biker Vest
Princely Outfit Top
Spacesuit Top
Cookie Shirt Top
Dirty Shirt Top
Flight Suit Top
Villager Garb Top
Dwarf Outfit Top
Track Suit Top
Judo Uniform Top
Tennis Uniform Top
Baseball Uniform Top
Basketball Gear Top
Soccer Uniform Top
Business Suit Top
Plain Suit Top
Simple Red Blouson
Sky Blue Blouson
Tuxedo Top
Jinbei Top
Emblem Hakama Top
Samurai Armor Top
Mongolian Top
Palace Guard Top
Alpine Outfit Top
Green Check Shirt
Pink Dress Shirt
Paw Print Shirt
Expensive Jacket
Striped Jacket
Formal Jacket
Dinner Jacket
Simple Red Shirt
Flower Pocket Jacket
Wild Sweater
Yellow Collar Shirt
Hard Belt Shirt
Thick Sweater
Red Waistcoat
Double-Breasted Coat
Retro Jacket
Green Jacket
Blue Kimono Jacket
Prismatic Shirt
Red Denim Tank Top

Group 4

Red Button Jacket
Argyle Sweater
Red Polka Dot Shirt
Floral Shirt
Plain Pink Shirt
Star Shirt
Green Patched Shirt
Blue Patched Shirt
Criss-Cross Shirt
Red Kiddie Shirt
Flower Pocket Shirt
Plain Purple Shirt
Black Diamond Shirt
Curious Wool Vest
Tiger Print Vest
Chinese Dress
Chinese Letter Shirt
Digital Number Shirt
Frilled Tunic
Magic Rune Shirt
Pink Graduated Shirt
Cocoa Powder Shirt
Pure White Shirt
Musk Melon Shirt
Grown-Up Dress Shirt
Sailor Collar Shirt
Arabian Shirt
Ribboned Shirt
Glamorous Shirt
Chestnut Shirt
Butterfly Shirt
Pink Wool Vest
Ladies’ Shirt
Blue Polka Dot Shirt
Grecian Toga
Gaudy Shirt
Ribbon Cardigan
Japanese Dance Wear
Simple Black Blouson
Preschooler Blue Top
Pastel Yellow Shirt
Heart Kitty Shirt
Floral Peach Tunic
Cream Parka
Green Letter Shirt
Stylish Stripy Shirt
Chic Flannel Shirt
Rising Sun Shirt
Vitamin Jumper
Peach Sweater

Group 5

Brown Denim Jacket
Black Flame Shirt
Green Skull Shirt
Suave Orange Shirt
Red Biker Gear Top
No. 7 Shirt
Bright Tie-Dye Shirt
White Down Jacket
Orange Peace Shirt
Cool Blue Shirt
Women’s Shirt
Pink Patchwork Shirt
Pink Camo Shirt
Yellow Button Shirt
Black Leather Jacket
Red Aloha Shirt
Red Happi Coat Top



School Uniform Pants
Denim Pants
Green Denim Pants
Pink Denim Pants
Graduated Pants
Ripped Jeans
Chino Pants
Dyed Turned-Up Jeans
Turned-Up Jeans
Cargo Pants
Reggae Pants
Zip Up Pants
Jeans & Chain
Blue Tartan Pants
Red Tartan Pants
Skull Punk Pants
Patchwork Pants
Flame Pants
Floral Print Pants
Stitched Denim Jeans
Polka Dot Tights
Blazer Pants
Turned-Up Pants
Wizard Leggings
Archmage Leggings
Camo Pants
Special Forces Pants
Biker Pants
Pilot Pants
Firefighter Pants
Racing Suit Bottom
Officer Pants
Rocker Pants
Pajama Pants
Preschooler Pants
Old Man’s Pants
Comedian Pants
Cowboy Pants
Suave Suit Pants
Explorer Pants
Prisoner Pants
Robot Body Bottom
Festival Work Pants
Skeleton Pants
Knight Armor Bottom
Clown Pants
Santa Suit Pants
Pirate Pants
Leather Biker Pants
Princely Pants
Spacesuit Bottom
Cookie Pants
Dirty Pants
Flight Suit Pants
Villager Garb Bottom
Dwarf Outfit Pants
Track Suit Pants
Judo Uniform Bottom
Tennis Uniform Pants
Baseball Pants
Basketball Pants
Soccer Uniform Pants
Business Suit Pants
Tuxedo Pants
Jinbei Bottom
Samurai Leggings
Mongolian Pants
Palace Guard Pants
Alpine Pants


Blue Tartan Skirt
Denim Skirt
Green Denim Skirt
Frilly Denim Skirt
Hot Graduated Skirt
Cool Graduated Skirt
Checkered Skirt
Frilly Skirt
Floral Print Skirt
Pink Polka Dot Skirt
Nurse Skirt
Ribbon Skirt
Lacy Denim Skirt
Red Tartan Skirt
Leopard Print Skirt
Skull Punk Skirt
Blue Polka Dot Skirt
Night Sky Skirt
Reggae Skirt
Lordly Outfit Bottom
Blazer Skirt
Sailor Suit Skirt
Glittery Skirt
Layered Frill Skirt
Camo Skirt
Attendant Skirt
Officer Skirt
Rocker Skirt
Preschooler Skirt
Explorer Skirt
UFO Bottom
Santa Skirt
Cookie Skirt
Dirty Skirt
Tennis Skirt
Plain Skirt
Emblem Hakama Bottom
Mongolian Skirt
Alpine Skirt
School Uniform Skirt

One-Piece Outfits

Blue Wizard Robe Top
Archmage Robe Top
School Uniform Coat
Sweater Dress
Stripy Dress
Ribboned Pink Dress
Cross-Front Dress
Gathered Dress
Tartan Dress
Gothic Lolita Dress
Blue Striped Dress
Clean White Dress
Frilly White Dress
Floral Print Dress
Modern Dress
Old-Fashioned Dress
Camisole Dress
White Knit Dress
Long Knit Dress
High Waisted Dress
Blue Denim Dress
Black Denim Dress
Chiffon Dress
Goldfish Yukata
Hydrangea Yukata
Princess Dress
Sunday Best Dress
Simple Navy Dress
Blue Apron
Recital Dress
Maid Dress
Wedding Dress
Cocktail Dress
Elegant Duffle Coat
Waitress Uniform
Detective Coat
Golden Fake Fur
Trench Coat
Pricey Leather Coat
King’s Robe
Red Wizard Robe
Green Knit Dress
Sky Blue Dress
Yellow Striped Dress
Pink Apron
Blue Duffle Coat
White Fake Fur


Normal Leather Shoes
Hallway Slippers
Normal Sandals
Ribboned Sandals
Trendy Leather Shoes
Pink Pumps
Red Pumps
Hi-Tech Sneakers
Flashy Leather Shoes
Wizard Boots
Glass Slippers
Zori Sandals
School Slippers
Western Shoes
Cool Sneakers
Normal Sneakers
Spiked Shoes
Checkered Shoes
Trekking Shoes
Floral Print Shoes
Button-Up Shoes
Buckle-Up Shoes
Santa Boots
Silver Shoes
Camo Shoes
Princely Shoes
Princess Shoes

Hats & Glasses

Princess Iara
Maid Tiara
Bride Tiara
Nurse Cap
Warrior Headdress
King’s Crown
Camo Helmet
Pilot Cap
Officer Cap
Comedian Hat
Preschooler Hat
Cowboy Hat
Explorer Helmet
Detective Hat
Clown Hat
Santa Hat
Pirate Hat
Dwarf Hat
Baseball Cap
Blue Cap
Green Cap
Normal Knit Cap
Bon Bon Knit Hat
Straw Hat
White Sunhat
Boater Hat
Academic Cap
Normal Knit Cap
Japanese Bridal Wig
Firefighter Helmet
Topknot Wig
Cake Hat
Samurai Helmet
Bear Hat
Mouse Hat
Arrow Through Head
Afro Wig
Dreadlock Wig
Shaved Head Wig
Ear Knit Cap
Biker Helmet
Racing Helmet
Skull Mask
Knight Helmet
Spacesuit Helmet
Old Woman Mask
Wild Sunglasses
Dark-Rimmed Glasses
Masquerade Mask
Thick Glasses
Twinkling Eye Mask
Hot-Blooded Eye Mask
Robot Visor

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