Note: This is not fully confirmed, translation etc.

List of events that happen in the game:



Captain Dot

When: Sundays
Where: The island

A pirate that duels you in the island, you both wager items, he usually wagers rare things; make sure you don't take anything of value with you, just in case you lose.

Your Birthday

When: Your player's birthday.
Where: Your classmate's rooms.

You receive telegrams from your closest classmates, telling you to go to their house/dorm so you can celebrate.


When: December 18 - December 25
Where: Whole town

Trees are decorated throughout the town.
A festival also occurs during this time of the year, in which you can collect a special item. (Unconfirmed)


When: Last day of December
Where: Lover's point

Teachers and classmates gather at lover's points to countdown towards the new year.

New years

When: January 1, 2006 - January 8
Where: Whole town

The town is decorated with kadomatsu.
You'll receive 100 Ritch as a gift from shop owners (Malila, Vivian, Marcy, Charlie, and Roley).

Rainbow snow festival

When: March 2 - March 8
Where: The square
The festival starts when you collect 7 different snow crystals, you then give them to the principal and he will give you one of four items. (unconfirmed)

Tea party

When: May 2 - May 8
Where: Square

A sort of tea contest. Decorate the conservatory with furniture from Daisy's and food items (put it on the table) and take a few friends (one at a time) to the conservatory for a tea party. You may have to arrange the furniture and food depending on the class mate, you'll know you've done it right if the praise you highly. Get as much praise as possible before joining the party with Ms. Strawe and you will get one of four rare candy series items.

Bravery Competition/Tournament

When: August 2 - August 10
Where: Haunted House

Mr. Vlad holds a contest to see who can obtain a "Proof of Bravery" that is hidden somewhere in the haunted house.
You can obtain one of several special items. (unconfirmed)

Mushroom pot Competition/Tournament

When: October 2 - October 8
Where: Fungi forest

Bring mushrooms to Mr. Oakley in the Fungi Forest. During the cook-off, you have only one chance to eat, so make sure you cook enough mushrooms before choosing to taste. Each of the four players can participate and get an item.
You need more than 45 mushrooms, possibly 60. I gave 45 with my first character and did NOT win a prize. Don't bring any poisonous ones (Fly Agaric, Laughing Jim, or Moonlit). DO collect all the pine mushrooms!!

Your first character will be rewarded a forest sofa, second character a forest wash basin, 3rd character a forest telephone, 4th character a forest clock.

You need all four characters to win ALL the prize items, otherwise you have to wait a whole year!!

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