Extracurricular lessons

Extracurricular lessons are held during Mystery Time, and hosted by Mr. Graves. During this time he can be seen next to a chalkboard in the quadrangle, south of the bank.

Read first:

The lessons seem to be different for some people; probably people who skipped/missed lessons.


Magic competition:
In magic competitions you have to do the spell Mr. Graves has instructed for you to perform. You must do it as quickly as possible or else you'll lose to your other classmates.

Any spell can be used in these competitions.

Incantation competition:
In incantation competitions you'll be told the incantation you must use and given the items you need for this incantation.

This can be any incantation you have learned.


Tsuchinoko description:
Catch a big, fat snake witch can be found in the cave.
Where to catch:
In the cave.

Skyfish description:
Body like a cylinder fins that look like sashes and can move very fast.
Where to catch:
At the beach, during mystery time.
Note: These fly in the sky from left to right and then right to left on the bottom screen, I recommend just spamming X while looking right after you see it on the top until it passes by and move accordingly if you miss. It'll fly up top again and come back eventually.

Giraffe Stag Beetle description:
Like the stag beetle but with large teeth like deer antlers. (approximation)
Where to catch:
By shaking tree in forest.

Party Animal Katydid description:
It wears a tuxedo and is known for the way it hops around
Where to catch:
Near the dorm area

Keseranpasaran description:
It is known for its big eyes and its soft body which looks just like white fluff.
Where to catch:
North of town at the lovers cliff, they're small white balls with big eyes


Ocean Sunfish description:
This fish has a sleepy stare. It's known for having a body that's shaped like a dish.
Where to catch:
At the beach.

Megamouth shark description:
Catch a fish whose mouth is very big.
Where to catch:
At the beach.

Trilobite description:
Catch a fish that looks more like an insect.
Where to catch:
At the beach.

Human-Faced Fish description:
Catch a fish with a face of stone (approximation)
Where to catch:
In the river.

Ichthyosaurus description:
This fish lived among the dinosaurs, looks a lot like a dolphin (something like that)
Where to catch:
At the beach.


Field Mushroom description:
A cute, white mushroom with a length of 1 or 2 inches.

Forest Mushroom description:
A mushroom whose name may make you think it grows in the woods.

Blewit Mushroom description:
Mushroom with a name somewhat based on its color.

Fly Agaric Mushroom description:
This mushroom has a strange name which sounds like it can lift off the ground.

Parasol Mushroom description:
A mushroom whose name came from something you use in the rain.

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