The Missing Gargoyle

The Missing Gargoyle



The gargoyle is the first mystery in the game. They day after mystery time, students will be talking about how the Gargoyle by the stairs at the school has gone missing. The students of the school also talk about strange noises coming from the cave. Inside the cave is a snoozing gargoyle whose snores scare the other students away.
When you speak to him, he is very depressed because he can't do his job of guarding the school properly because he keeps falling asleep!
You are tasked with finding him spicy food to keep him awake. Talk to the villagers and they'll name two items which are usually fish and mushrooms. After that, you must find other foods that he will eat. The following foods will work!
  • Centipede
  • Globefish
  • Tiger Globefish
  • Moonlit Mushroom
  • Laughing Jim Mushroom
  • Fly Agaric Mushroom

Be sure to get TWO of the items you fed him because at the end, he will ask to eat all three at once. After you have fed him, the gargoyle will return to his post at the school being grateful for your help.

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