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Q: I can't get the snowman (Feb mystery) to talk to me. Do I have to do anything other than go up and press A? Do I have to use magical linguistics?

A: As far as I know you just have to go up and press A, no idea why that isn't working.

Q: How can I get into Japan Time when "someone is using it in the other world". Goddamn I just want my grind and mystery.

A: Just wait, you.

Q: I keep getting stuck on the same three classes. Rise, Cloud Hammock, and confess love. I've used all these and have been evaluated for a rank up. Why am I not being educated properly?

A: Again, the answer is waiting. Extracurricular lessons excluded, you can only follow one class of each subject a week. Oddly enough, it changes on Sunday, not on Monday.

Q: How do I exchange students?

A: Wave to your choice of a classmate and invite them to play with you. Walk to the dorms and go to the "door of beginning and end". Go to the communication room and it will ask if you and your classmate want to do student exchange.

Have someone else (either nearby or with a friend code) open their communication room just as if you were normally going to play with someone else. Now that person should have both of you in their town. However, your classmate will stay in their town for a few days.

Q: How does this luvin' work?

A: Relationships don't go far in this game - It is 3+, after all.

After you spend enough time with that special someone, they will eventually ask you out to lovers point. When there, they will declare their love for you and you are given the option to be their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Once this has happened, your new lover will talk to you more frequently, ask to play more, and say loving things to you.

No touching. Ever.


Q: How do I whistle?

A: Open the menu and then using your stylus tap yourself. If you have an instrument you want to play, drag it over to them.

Q: Is it possible to trade students, or make them move? I'm not talking about the 3-day exchange, but make them leave forever.

A: Yes, I tried ignoring a villager for a week or two, eventually they "transfer" schools. This isn't a guarantee, though, it appears that who moves out and when is kind of random.

Q: Can I use magic linguistics to communicate with villagers?

A: Magic linguistics can only be used to communicate with mystery characters and friends over wifi.

Q: Nobody has got a save 100% completed of this game?

A: Not that we know of, no

Q: How can I add friend codes?

A: It's in the start menu, one of the last tabs, you might need to get a code yourself first.

Q: Does anyone know how to chop down trees and bushes in Enchanted Folk?

A: You can't, they die on their own though

Q: where is the best place to plant trees?

A: wherever you feel like it, GOD! But to ensure they don't die, you should probably check out this guide

Q: Where's the conservatory? Up in that crystal tower right?

A: No, It's on the up-most floor in the dorms

Q: What's the max amount of people you can have over?

A: Three

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