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If you have a question please write it on this page. The bros will hopefully know the answer.

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Q: where I can find ogre from mystery 6??

A: The ogre wanders around town, you have to actually look for it. It usually hangs around the river.

Q: Can you trade furniture and other things with wi-fi players?

A: yes, just not insects or fish.

Q: Can you get rid of the horrible green wizard hats they have on?

A: yes, rank up or get a title that can get you a new hat.

Q: What colors do they have?

A: Check the Titles , Hats, and Staves page

Q: Can someone tell me more about Harrows? What is it? What does it have?

A: It's the main store, it sells music, carpets, wallpaper, and furniture. It's run by this lightbulb guy named Piquard.

Q: Does anybody have problems with evaluation? (Around the end of April)

A: There is a glitch that prevents you from getting evaluated for a few days

Q: This isn't f*g animal crossing?

A: No, it isn't…

Q: how do I solve the first mystery?

A: Look in mysteris

Q: Where can I get a Globefish?

A: in the ocean at the right times. See this article

Q: I have a friend code and I want to connect with a friend, does he need wi-fi too?

A: You can do it locally if you're close enough to each other, otherwise yes.

Q: where is the secret room in the haunted house?

A: You have to go into the dining hall, through the righthand door and all the way through those rooms. In the study-looking area, there's a bookshelf. Walk up to it and press A and you'll go to the secret room!

Q: how do you download the brooms?

A: you get them in the title screen. Options > download and whatnot. Then you can get them from Reginald.

Q: So you guys play EF/MQ?

A: No, we just hang out in a channel made for the game and made a wiki about it

Q: When will the door stop knocking

A: Check the mystery dates here. Basically, the door knocks a week before the seasonal events and after those pass you can go back to normal.

Q: where do I store my extra stuff?

A: the bank, note that you can't store EVERYTHING. Just throw your extra stuff on the floor of the dorm rooms if you need to, plus you can put some stuff in the closet space.

Q: Where do I sell ores

A: Emporium

Q: Why do the flowers around the town keep dying? Can I do anything to stop them? I moved some berry bushes and they are all dead, too. I watered so not sure why

A: For flowers, you just have to water them. As for bushes and trees, they need to be planted in a particular configuration or they'll die. Additionally, trees and bushes die on their own after a few days so you might as well just replant.

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