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If you have a question please write it on this page. The bros will hopefully know the answer.

Also ask in the forums.

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Q: where i can find ogre from mystery 6??

A: The ogre wanders around town, you have to actually look for it. It usually hangs around the river.

Q: can you trade furniture and other things with wi-fi players?

A: yes

Q: can you get rid of the horible greenwizzard hats they have on?

A: yes, rank up or get a title that can get you a new hat

Q: what colors do they have?

A: Check the Titles , Hats, and Staves page

Q: can someone tell me more about Harrows? What is it? What does it have?

A: It's the main store, it sells music, carpets, wallpaper, and furniture

Q: does anybody have problems with evaluation? (Around the end of April)

A: There is a glitch that prevents you from getting evaluated for a few days

Q: This isn't f*g animal crossing?

A: No, it isn't….

Q: how do i solve the first mystery?

A: Look in mysteris

Q: wer can i get a Globefish?

A: in the ocean

Q: i have friend code and i want to connect with a friend, does he need wi-fi too?

A: You can do it locally if you live nearby

Q: where is the secret room in the haunted house?

A: In the back, far right, behind the bookshelf.

Q: how do you download the brooms?

A: you get them in the title screen. Options > download and whatnot. Then you can get them from Reginald.

Q: So you guys play EF/MQ?

A: No, we just hang out in a channel made for the game and made a wiki about it

Q: When will the door stop knocking

A: Check the mystery dates here

Q: where do i store my extra stuff?

A: the bank, note that you can't store EVERYTHING

Q: Where do I sell ores

A: Emporium

Q: why do the flowers around the town keep dying? Can I do anything to stop them? I moved some berry bushes and they are all dead, too. I watered so not sure why

A: You can water them….

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