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Q: How long does the homunculus mystery last?

A: Like the rest of the event mysteries, a week

Q: What happens when you send/receive an exchange student? How long do they leave/stay? Do you lose them if you send one?

A: They live in your town for three days, a week if you don't pick them up, and no, you don't lose them.

Q: How do you get to classes? Can you take them every day?

A: Yes you can do all three every day, they change every Sunday.

Q: does each teacher only teach one class each week?

A: yes, you can review them but that's about it until Sunday

Q: So there are only 3 classes a week, but all can be taken on the same day?

A: …yes

Q: So how many classes are there total each week? 3 normal, 3 extracurricular, and whatever special classes there are?

A: 3 a week, extracurricular only happen during mystery time, and special classes only happen during seasonal mysteries.

Q: So special are only during forced MT?

A: no, special classes can happen during any applicable mystery AFTER mystery time.

Q: So 3 classes a week, plus any extracurricular you get?

A: ………….yeeees

Q: Does each teacher teach the same exact thing for the same class? Like say the same things?

A: No, they all specialize in something.

Q: What is forced mystery time? Are you forced into it? Or can you just enter the door without a key or something?

A: Keyword: Forced. You don't go through the door, you just boot up the game and step outside the dorm and BOOM! Mystery time.

Q: Is the staff the same thing as a wand?

A: Yus

Q: So when someone says staff, they mean the wand too?

Y: Yus

Q: What's the difference between a staff and wand?

A: A wand is usually small like a twig, a staff is long like a cane, Does it really matter that much?

Q: There are only 3 teachers?

A: Regular ones yes, There is an extracurricular teacher and the principal who teaches during the tutorial.

Q: When exactly do you have to clean the classroom?

A: After you forget to save a few times. Sometimes you clean the bathroom though.

Q: When you play instruments, do you choose a song and they play by themselves? Or is there a way to really "play" them?

A: You got it the first time

Q: How far can you get in a relationship? Dating? Kissing? Can you be gay?

A: It goes about as far as dating, that's about it, and no, no same gender relationships. Although, there is a level of relationship where you and a same gendered friend are supposed to have a 'strong bond', and this is treated as a romantic relationship.

Q: when do you get evaluated?

A: Different people get evaluated on different days, Reginald should tell you when the principal needs to see you. You get the chance to be evaluated once a week.

Q: how do you play the instruments

A: go to your inventory and drag them to your character, then choose play

Q: What does it mean when there's a knocking at the door?

A: An event mystery is about to happen, usually in a week, you can't enter MT until it's over

Q: Are special classes for spells that are related to the current mystery?

A: Sometimes

Q: Can you redo mysteries?
Q: Can mysteries be done over again?
Q: Can you re-do mysteries and the forced MT mysteries too?

A: We haven't gotten that far. Yes, you're able to redo seasonal mysteries, even if you successfully completed them, but as for the core game? No one knows.

Q: Special classes are separate from extracurricular, right?

A: You got it

Q: What happens if I get a mystery that requires a certain spell to do, but haven't learned it yet? Is that possible, or will you not get a mystery until you have the spells required?

A: That is not likely to happen, the special classes will take care of that.

Q: Is the knocking on the door just to remind you a special mystery is coming up?

A: Pretty much

Q: How many animals can live in your town at once?

A: 12 maximum, you start off with 11.

Q: If you miss a mystery, do you get to re-do it later on in the game?

A: Again, we don't really know but it's assumed yes, that makes sense.

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