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Q: Do new animals move in when animals move out?

A: Yes

Q: Can you give people gifts?

A: Yes, just wave first and then talk to them, you should get several options "Give present" should be one of them

Q: Where do I sell fish?

A: You don't, you trade them with the book for things that you can sell at the emporium

Q: can you send animals to other towns, or just your character?

A: you can have exchange students

Q: What are all the Linguistics for that aren't used in spells?

A: there are a lot of other spells that aren't registered in your menu, you can also talk with them if it's easier for you.

Q: Does that stuff at the Harrows change daily?

A: Yes, and the same thing with Daisy's and Vivian's.

Q: Can you take classes at another town?

A: No

Q: How do you bury stuff?

A: You equip the shovel, open your inventory, drag the item you want to bury to your character.

Q: Can you grow trees/bushes/mushrooms?

A: Yes, and mushrooms can be placed

Q: Will people play music with you if your not playing with them?
Q: If you play music, will other villagers play music too, even if you aren't playing with them as in them following you?

A: Yes just play a song if they're nearby and interested they should pull out their instruments too.

Q: Can you play with multiple people at once?

A: If by people you mean villagers, no only one at a time.

Q: where do you eat noodles?

A: At the noodle shop, Fungi forest in the morning, The beach on the afternoons.

Q: Can more than 4 other classmates play with you?

A: If they happen to be around, yes

Q: Wifi question? I just dropped a student off in a town and when I tried to leave it says unable to disconnect?

A: Those are connection issues, everybody in your town should idle when somebody joins or leaves, so when somebody is fishing or playing music or whatever, nobody can join or leave.

Q: I want to move a villager from a game to other, but I can't… ┬┐What I have to do? I wish to have the villager in the other own forever.

A: Then keep cycling through students in that other town, because exchanges only stay for a few weeks, and that's your only option.

Q: How long does it take for your villiager to move if you don't talk to them?

A: As long as it takes for them to get bored of your lack of company. There's probably no set time for it. Some say a week, some say more.

Q: I go to options * coz i want to download a broom* and it dosent say this or whatnot. I have the english version of it…

A: It would be easier to help if you had written that in English. In main menu, go to Other -> Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection -> Download. After that, talk to Reginald in-game and ask to download the stuff.

Q: What is that mysterious screaming that happens occasionally when I go in my dorm?

A: The mysterious screaming you keep on hearing is from the next door room, if you enter the room next to yours you will encounter someone.

Q: how do you ask the villagers to meet with you at lover's point?

A: You don't, they ask you when they like you enough.

Q: Does sending telegrams to classmates do anything, like raise your relationshp?

A: We're really not sure about this one. Probably, though.

Q: When can you move into the empty house?

A: You can't, the empty house will eventually be moved into by a new classmate. No idea how this rumour started.

Q: Can we use shovel to find treasure in the ground? I have used gold ore but it fails ( find nothing).

A: Yes, you can! Use the treasure find spell to find out where to dig.

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