Magic Linguistics are used in spells and communication.


greeting.png magicm.png linguistics-incantation.png mystery.png allthetime.png
Greeting Magic Incantation Mystery All the time
happyi.png sadjrq.png angryx.png sleepyq.png wants.png
Happy Sad Angry Sleepy Want
38449395.png questionmarkd.png lovex.png yesv.png 36417298.png
! ? Love Yes No
fast.png slowa.png biga.png smalla.png many.png
Fast Slow Big Small Many
79236726.png 98281771.png 86535476.png 59453254.png 62969691.png
1 2 3 4 5
19410385.png 47648420.png 22800415.png 71517144.png 22068831.png
6 7 8 9 0


whoqm.png 35656289.png your.png allazx.png exchangestudent.png
Who? Me You All Exchange Student
friendm.png sweetheart.png uma.png boy.png girl.png
Friend Sweetheart UMA Boy Girl
principalsol.png mrvlad.png mroakley.png missstrawe.png mrgraves.png
Principal Sol Mr. Vlad Mr. Oakley Miss Strawe Mr. Graves
piquard.png daisyh.png vivian.png roley.png malila.png
Piquard Daisy Vivian Roley Malila
marcy.png george.png thomy.png reginald.png charliei.png
Marcy George Thom Reginald Charlie


10439060.png together.png 74084800.png come.png playh.png
Do Together Go Come Play
takez.png puty.png use.png give.png get.png
Take Put Use Give Get
exchange.png talk.png performance.png conteste.png sleep.png
Exchange Talk Performance Contest Sleep
wait.png meet.png gather.png sees.png hear.png
Wait Meet Gather See Hear
seek.png studyabroad.png explore.png dated.png learn.png
Seek Study abroad Explore Date Learn
bury.png trick.png walka.png run.png gohomem.png
Bury Trick Walk Run Go home


itemg.png moneya.png furniture.png clothes.png bugtnp.png
Item Money Furniture Clothes Bug
fishdoc.png instrument.png berryb.png flowerh.png telegram.png
Fish Instrument Berry Flower Telegram
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