Mystery Time
The dorm during Mystery Time
The dorm during Mystery Time

Mystery Time (also known as Japan Time and Moonside on IRC) is a weirdly colored world and happens when you receive a key from the principal and use it to enter the Door of Beginning and End in the dorms. The key you get from the principal can expire and vanish if you don't use it for some time. In that case you can just get another. As the key doesn't use inventory space you'll see by a key icon next to your inventory if you currently have a key or not. When you use it the screen then goes white and the silhouette of a character related to the next mystery is seen on the screen. This character can't be found and the mystery can't be solved until the actual Mystery Time ends. You can receive another key after the mystery is solved, or a week later if you couldn't solve it. There are strange fish and bugs that are exclusive to Mystery Time and they also seem to be of more value when you register them with the books. Mystery Time is a good way to make money.

Noticeable things that happen during mystery time:

  • Strange Bugs and Fish
  • School is closed
  • Extracurricular lessons
  • Garage sales are held by students in the auditorium
  • Special characters appear on certain dates (e.g. December 24-25, Santa Claus appears and asks you to deliver gifts)
  • Upcoming special events might prevent you from inducing mystery time and on a certain date, you will be forced into mystery time.

Note: this need to be fully confirmed, I'm not too good with translation.

Things that can end mystery time:

  • Creating a new character
  • Loading a character that hasn't completed the tutorial lessons/received the key

The end of Mystery Time Changes according to the date.

Date MT ending time
March 1- End of May 4:00AM
June 1- End of August 3:00AM
September 1 - End of November 3:30AM
December 1- End of February 4:30AM
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