Relationship with other classmates


You know that there are villagers and they are also YOUR classmates.
You can have relationships with them just like in animal crossing.
First-If you want to have a relationship or friendship with some one that has some of your qualities (In other words ''Youre type'').Then look at this chart to see ALL the personality's that the characters of this game can have:
Preppy-Likes shopping,Her self and easily gets mad sad or emotional.
Nice-Likes to help people.
Gloomy-Is always sad and negative.I call them "Sad Eyes"
Know it all-Thinks he is the person that has lived for ages and that he knows it all.
Studying type or Nerd-LOVES to study.And is nice to others.
Tricky-Likes to pull pranks.
Bossy-The word says it!!!!!It likes to boss around.Boys and Girls can be this type of personality.

Having a girlfriend or boyfriend:
The difefrence will be that theyll start sending you letters calling you thing like honey or cupcake they will start to compliment you. And they can NOT fall in love with others now that they are in a relationship with you. For them to ask you out, then the other classmate has to invite you to Lover's Point. For example, watch out for the chat bubbles that say maybe, (my name on there is Tayleii) Tayleii… or something that looks like, I have to talk to you…

They just want to be better than you.

Theyll despise you.
Even try to take your girlfriend or boyfriend from YOU.

Thats all I know…………………
You can add stuff if you want:)

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