Shops And Buildings


This game has a multitude of shops and features a prominent shopping district. Besides that there is a travelling merchant and a noodle stand. Expensive items tend to stay in the shop inventory longer.

Mon Paris
Where: The shopping district
Who: Roley; the metrosexual.
What: Barber shop
Every month you can choose between 3 hairstyle/color combinations. Costs vary by hairstyle/color (3000~4000)
Opening Times: 9am - 12am

Vivian's Boutique
Where: The shopping district
Who: Vivian; Animated mannequin.
What: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
Lets you try everything on before you buy it.
Opening Times: 9am - 12am

Daisy's Flowers
Where: The shopping district
What: Flowers, Seedlings & Garden Themed Furniture
You can buy tree, flower and berry seedlings here as well as fully grown flowers.
Opening Times: 9am - 12am

Where: The shopping district
Who: Marcy: The long lost sister of the Kool-Aid Man.
What: Drink juice and listen to music.
Take your classmates here to get an analysis from Marcy about your relationship and compatibility. You can also learn songs here by listening.
Opening Times: 8am - 4am

Where: The shopping district
Who: Piquard; Gentleman of highest degree.
What: Furniture, Brooms, CDs, Music players & Instruments as well as Wallpapers and Floors.
No, you can't sell anything here. You can order CDs for songs you don't know the name of and therefore learn their name.
Opening Times: 9am - 12am

The Emporium
Where: The shopping district
Who: Malila; old woman/turtle.
What: Magic components
Also buys magic components like mushrooms, ores & jewels as well as any bones. You can get work from her every couple of days. She will ask you for any of three items. The first time you bring her one of these, you will get 1000 Ritch and the magic component that was made with the ingredient you brought her. She will also pay you more for these 3 items and give you an additional 100 Ritch every time you sell her one of these to her.
Will also buy berries, but far below market value.
Opening Times: 9am - 12am

Charlie's Noodles
Where: Fungi Forest or the Beach.
Who: Charlie; Yakuza fence in disguise.
What: Noodles and Berry market predictions.
You can take classmates here to eat noodles with them. Charlie also tells you about the recent berry market price changes and he will predict the market for you, with varying accuracy depending on how much you pay him (100, 500 or 1000 ritch).
Opening Times: 6am - 4pm in Fungi Forest
4pm - 12am at the Beach

The Travelling Merchant
Where: The haunted house
Who: Cat sith; Jedi of the dark side.
What: Rare furniture
Buys furniture from a certain theme for a high price every time he visits. Here you will also sell all your berries. Visits only on certain days. When he is in town it's on the black board.
*Sometimes pays only 30+ ritch for berries, do check when selling! Also, I made a loss when I tried to sell furniture to him, of about 3000 ritch.
Opening Times: all day

Buildings of interest

Where: You should know by now, if you don't, use the map.
Who: Teachers
What: Go to classes, learn spells and incantations, design your own clothes and change the bell melody.
THE main building of the whole game. In the Lobby you find the black board, where important announcements are … well… announced, as well as the teachers room, where you can see your attendance sheets, change the timetable of the classes, the school uniform, the furniture, wallpaper and floor of the classroom by talking to the idle teachers during class hours.
Going up the stairs you'll find the classroom. There are 3 classes per week you can take. The classes are held either from 8am to 8pm or 12am to 12pm. To take a class, talk to the teacher in front of the classroom. The teachers will change at every full hour and every teacher has a different lesson per week. You can also retake classes.
At the top floor you find the trophy room, where there is a trophy for every mystery solved and a book where you can find the name and a picture of the creatures you have helped. At the other side of the top floor you find a room where you can design your own clothing and change the melody of the bell that rings at every full hour and at the beginning and end of every class you take.

Where: East of town
Who: You, other player characters, exchange students and Reginald
What: Visit other players towns, save the game and YOU LIVE THERE
The dorm is a building full of rooms, when you start a game you are assigned to one of them, which is then yours only. If there are other player characters you can just sneak into their room and steal all their stuff, as you can't lock your door, but expect the other players to do the same if you do it. If there are no other player characters, you can freely use the other rooms for decorating or whatever.
There are 4 different colored doors (green, blue, red and yellow) which lead to the rooms used by you and other player characters. Entering the orange doors will result in you being teleported into a randomly determined room of another classmate. The purple door with the weird sign on it leads to the room where exchange students will reside.
There is also a trashcan, where you can throw away stuff or even take out, if you're that kind of person. If you have a full inventory and try to take another item and choose to "discard" a different item from it, this item will show up in the trashcan.
In the upper floor you find the Gateway of Beginning and End, where you can start wi-fi sessions with other players and induce mystery time if you have a key.
Going to the top floor you will find the Conservatory which is shared by all players and where you can put additional furniture. You can take a NPC here.

Where: Next to the Post Office
Who: George; he craves that mineral.
What: Store Money and items
You can store your Ritches there with a 10% yearly interest. They can also store your stuff, which is automatically sorted by type. You can store a maximum amount of 999999 Ritches. That is not much, but if you have any excess money, you can store it in your room or bury it and feel like a pirate.
Opening Times: 9am - 12am

Post Office
Where: Next to the Bank
Who: Thom
What: Send telegrams
From here you can send telegrams to your classmates or other players. There is a 500 Ritch fee for every telegram.
Opening Times: 9am - 12am

Where: West of town
Who: Principal Sol and the books
What: Talk to principal Sol to obtain a new key for inducing mystery time, Trade in bugs and fish for sellable stuff.
By talking to the books, you can trade in the bugs and fish you caught in order to get items that can be sold at the Emporium for money. You can also view your bug and fish collection by talking to the books.

There is a staircase by the left of the bookshelves to go up to where the telescope is.
Viewing the sky at night with the large telescope allows you to read your fortune, and "star whisper" to see what planets and stars are in the sky. (With Principal Sol)

Fortune that can be read:

Haunted House
Where: Beyond the woods
Who: Ghosts and Cat Sith
What: Obtain treasure periodically and go to the Travelling merchant (Enter first door ahead and then the closed door on the left)
In the haunted house there are three treasure chests which are often empty, but sometimes contain furniture and other stuff you can take. The ghosts will teleport you to the dorm if you touch them, but they can be eliminated by casting Flatulence magic on them.
If you go through the door opposite of Cat Sith's, and through the next room, in the study there is a secret room behind the bookcase. There's usually a ghost down in the secret room and a treasure chest.
Scroll up to "The travelling merchant" to learn more about Cat Sith.

Where: The shopping district
Who: Classmates
Well, they do have to live somewhere.
People who have to reside here obviously don't have enough money to get their own house (if you still live in the dorm shut up). This is where they live.

Where: Throughout town
Who: Classmates
What: What do you think?
Some classmates live in the apartments, and those who don't have Winnie the Pooh-esque treehouses.

Unoccupied House
Where: One of the houses, random
Who: no one. Keyword: unoccupied.
What: Eventually a new classmate will move in here.
For no particular reason there's a house in the town that no one lives in until you play for a while.

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