Special Flowers

Flowers come in a multitude of colors, but every kind of flower has a place where it will turn into a unique colored flower if grown there or left there overnight. They will sell for much more than before. Sometimes it takes longer than one night.
Only one flower planted in its respective area will turn into its unique colour type each night.

Flower Place Unique Color Sells for (Varies Daily)
Marguerite Cemetery Black 200
Rose Green Spot in Forest Entry Pink 200
Tulip Cave Blue 200
May lily Fungi forest Orange 200

With Mystery Bloom incantation, (Incantation, Mystery, Give) the following flowers can be turned into very lucrative ones. However, if watered in massed only 1/10 tend to live even with proper watering. Flowers too, need to be their in natural habitat to turn into such flowers.

Flower Result Place Sells for (Varies Daily)
Black Marguerite White Skullflower Cemetery 2000
Pink Rose Red Heartflower Flower forest 1400
Blue Tulip Red Gemflower Cave 2500
Orange May-Lily Yellow Candyflower Fungi forest 1200
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