Guide for completing Enchanted Folk efficiently and intelligently

If you’re enjoying Enchanted Folk because it’s a free form, animal crossing rip-off of a game in which you have no real obligations and occasional fun events, then this guide is not for you.

I’m making this for the gung-ho 100%-ers who want to be the best of the best, check everything off their list, and finally proclaim triumphantly that yes, they’ve beaten Enchanted Folk.

So without further ado, here’s the guide for completing Enchanted Folk in the least amount of time possible and being completely prepared for everything.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’re gonna find in the guide: First off, I’m including a full list of everything you’ll need for all the mysteries (including seasonal ones). You don’t have to get all these items at once, but you should at least have them ready for each and every mystery. Secondly, I’ll give you some helpful tips and tricks for just playing the game in general so that when you begin your mysteries and whatnot you have the best chance to complete it. Within that section I’ll link you to all the other wiki pages with useful information so that you can easily find how to complete mysteries, what every villager likes and dislikes, etc. Last but not least will be the essential goals for truly 100% completing EF along with the best way to do it. Time to just dive right in then!

Items Needed for Mysteries

  • 2 Centipedes
  • 2 Fly Agaric Mushrooms
  • 2 Tiger Globefish
  • Freaky Frog Fat
  • Ancient Dragon Scale
  • Mandragora Root
  • 7 random fish
  • random bug
  • Silver Scarab
  • Acoustic Guitar/Violin/Flute
  • Red Heartflower
  • 2 Aquamarines
  • Shooting Star Sliver
  • 2 Crystals
  • Angel Elixir
  • Stomach Remedy
  • King oyster mushroom
  • Rose dew
  • Skullflower
  • 3 Rubies
  • White May Lily
  • 5 Margarites

And, of course, click here for the full list of mysteries so you know what to do.

Tips and Tricks

To start off, you should have at minimum 2 characters, one of whom hasn’t finished the tutorial lessons. Believe me, this saves you a TON of time. This is because once you’ve entered Mystery Time you’re stuck in it for the rest of the day, BUT when you load your save file with a pre-tutorial character it exits MT and you can go about completing the mysteries. I would, of course, recommend having more characters than that so you can reap the full benefits of seasonal events and episodes.

Now I’m gonna assume you’ve created your file and named your character and school and all that. Good for you! But… how do you effectively take care of your town? Believe it or not, EF is pretty similar to Animal Crossing New Leaf because you’re pretty much the only person who gets stuff done. There are things that need attending to on a daily basis, as in this little list:

How to organize your town… and live in it

  • Move all the flowers to the appropriate location (see: FLOWERS), mystery bloom daily (see: SPELLS)
  • Pull weeds (duh)
  • Plant berry bushes in the stretch between school and shops, as it’s most convenient and easy to find (see: PLANTING)
  • Plant trees in woods, or wherever, I prefer them in the woods because they’re pretty much out of the way when I’m running about. Maybe have a few in the town for bugs. (see: PLANTING)
  • Work for Malila every single day (and remember to sell requested items to her individually for maximum profits. For more on profits, see: MAKING MONEY)
  • Check in on Limelight to learn some music
  • On a weekly basis, you need to fight Captain Dot (Sundays), attend your three classes (which alternate hourly), check the chests in the haunted house, and use the World Tree incantation (see: SPELLS)
  • If you’re interested in the lore of the town, I suggest keeping on top of the episodes (see: EPISODES) which are a year-long occurrence

Now that’s out of the way, you’re prepared for the more hardcore stuff. What goals should you keep in mind while playing? (Keep in mind these are totally optional)



  • Have one significant other and two best friends (see: DATING AND FRIENDS)
  • Complete every single class and extracurricular
  • Compete in all the tournaments/events (and win) with all your characters (see: EVENTS)
  • Purchase every CD (and instrument if you’re so inclined) and learn every song
  • Of course, finish all the mysteries (including seasonal ones)
  • Get every wizard title/achievement, thus collecting every staff and hat (see: TITLES)

See that last point there? About the wizard titles? Well, here’s a little segment to make sure you’re getting those down as efficiently as possible too. Don’t forget to read through that nifty little link because it explains how you achieve every single title!

How to get every wizard achievement along the way:

Because you don’t really want to become a pariah right off the bat, hold off on the Evil Wizard title. Maybe go for it after you’ve done all the mysteries, or if there’s one particular person you want to have move away?

So, after you complete a few contests and such you’ll get the Great Wizard achievement. If you keep up with defeating Captain Dot every Sunday, then you’ll get the Righteous Wizard one. Flower Wizard too should be easy if you’re taking care of the flowers and doing mystery bloom frequently. Those are no biggie. The same goes for the 1-5 star and Wise Wizard titles because they’re earned through the completion of mysteries and regular evaluation.

Love Wizard

You’ll want to make a you-specific table with all the favourite items of the guys/gals in your town (see: VILLAGERS). Collect those, gift them, and write them frequent letters (yeah, it’s expensive.) It’ll take a while for people to move in and out, for you to finally have ten of them confess to you, but stick with it! A side note: It has to be ten different people who confess. Believe me, I tried with repeated confessions by the same character, did not work.

A La Mode Wizard

This one’s expensive. You have to get 12 haircuts and they have to be different! I suggest going in every month and straight-up just going for everyone, then at the end of 4 months you’re good.

Stylish Wizard

The way to accomplish this one is to have at least 4 full outfits of a certain style. Example being preschooler (hat, shirt, pants) or firefighter (hat, shirt, pants). You need to change your outfit once a day for ten days in a row and voila!

Gallant Wizard

Just talk to EVERYONE every day. It counts no matter what they say to you, even if they’re sick.

Skull Wizard

This one isn’t as bad as it seems, I’ve done it easily in the past. Just head into the haunted house, give ~15 or so ghosts a farting (see: SPELLS), and be on your way. It’s like a week of that and you’re good.

Flower Wizard

"Blooming" flowers refers to using the mystery bloom (see: SPELLS) incantation two hundred times successfully. Definitely tedious!! Check out the SPECIAL FLOWERS section for more information.

Bug Wizard and Fish Wizard

You’re gonna need to get a good look at all the seasonal creatures lurking - including mystery time-specific ones - and catch ‘em (see: FISH, BUGS, SORTED BY SEASON). It’ll take FOREVER but it isn’t impossible.

Forgetful Wizard

There’s not really a point in getting this achievement but go for it if you want, just quit on purpose four times. You won’t get a new hat or staff.

Final Thoughts

When I play EF, I’m using my 3DS (although I know a lot of people just use an emulator) so to speed things up, I mess with the system clock. You may find that too tedious or really boring, perhaps taking some of the fun out of the game, but it is ultimately more efficient so maybe keep that in mind if you know you won’t be able to play for a few days.

Additionally, I recommend having a town theme. It doesn’t have to be overly ambitious, but it gives you more direction when you’re buying yourself clothes and furniture and the like. Considering you can customize the school uniform and even the classroom, you may have just that much more fun.

Don’t forget to dress up your room and the conservatory because it’s a great hangout spot for increasing friendship levels, and is required for an event. You can buy stuff from Daisy’s Flowers for the most authentic look.

If you’re into that whole custom outfits thing, I highly recommend getting inspiration from the thousands upon thousands of animal crossing designs. On that same note of customization, use animal crossing town themes for your school bell sound! If you have a good ear for music it’s not too hard.

If you really have nothing else to do in your life, it might be fun to make like a year round EF calendar that details when events and episodes take place as well as character birthdays and such. Depends on your level of dedication.

Thanks for checking out the guide, feel free to edit in any suggestions or additional links. Good luck!

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