Ways of Making Money

Easy Money

Money struggles? Having a hard time scrapping enough ritch together to get that fancy new broomstick? Well, worry no more, young wizards! Here is a guide to making money in Enchanted Folk/Magician's Quest the easy way!

Making the Most of Selling Things

This first segment will be focused on selling items to Malila at the Emporium and Cat Sith.

Working for Malila

As you may know, by talking to Malila and selecting 'work', she'll give you a list of three or more items you can sell to her for more money. The first time you sell her one of these items, she'll give you an additional 1000 ritch plus the material she needed it for. Any time afterwards, she'll give you an extra 100 ritch.

To maximize income, it is recommended you sell these select items individually. For example, Malila has requested I bring hackberry mushrooms. If I sold her five at once, I would get 1000 ritch. If I sold them to her one by one, I would get 1400 ritch.

Here is a full list of the different items she requests for each material.

After three days you can go back to Malila and she'll have a new work request. Stay up to date for the most income possible.

Best Items to Sell

Mushrooms and flowers generally sell for 30 ritch (besides the veiled lady mushroom, which only sells for 10), but there are a few select ones that are a bit rarer and worth more money.

For flowers, the oddly coloured flowers are the ones worth 200 ritch each. For more information on where to grow these flowers, go to Special flowers.

When it comes to mushrooms, only a few specimens are actually worth picking. They are as follows:

Moonlit Mushroom (March to December; Fungi Forest, Dorm area)
Pine Mushroom (September to February; Fungi Forest)
Truffle (December to August; Woods)
Blewit Mushroom (December to June; lowland, Island)
Laughing Jim (August to February; Dorm area, School area, Fungi Forest)

Cat Sith, who rolls into town on every day divisible by three, is a great way to make money. Furniture and berries can be sold to him in the Haunted House for a large sum if you time it just right.

The berry market is always changing, so for information on which berries to grow when, talk to Charlie at Charlie's Noodles. For information on how to plant berries, go to Planting.

Whenever Cat Sith is around, you can sell him furniture for different prices. The highest priced furniture is always changing. Here is a list of the furniture that often can be sold for higher prices.

This is the order they are often in.

When they become more valuable changes, so ask Cat Sith what he's currently looking for whenever you see him. In the meantime, stock up on each furniture type, put it in your bank, and wait until the right time.

Extra: Haunted House and World Tree

Every week, a new treasure can be found in one of the three chests located around the Haunted House. It is recommended you get good with using Flatulence magic on ghosts, it'll save you time.

Once a week, as long as you've kept the town looking nice and clean (pulling weeds, watering flowers), you can get a reward from the world tree (in front of Fungi Forest, say Incantation-Greeting-Tree). It could be a garden item or a piece of furniture.

Fish and Bugs

By catching bugs and fish, you can trade them at the Tower for items to sell. To find a list of which bugs/fish can be traded for what, go to Rewards. For a list of the fish and bugs that appear every month, go to Seasonal Fish and Bug List.

Treasure Hunting

Another method of farming goods is hunting around for items to sell. You can do this by using the treasure hunt magic (Magic-Secret-Seek) or the treasure hunt incantation (go to the fountain, say Incantation-Play-Treasure and hold a gold ore).

Items you can find are as follows, listed by location.

Captain Dot

After defeating Captain Dot, he'll give you a reward. Each time the reward is different. Below is a list (in order) of the rewards he gives you. The list will be updated as more battles are won.

In-Game Giveaways

On holidays, you can receive items for free. These work best if you have four characters to take advantage of them.

January 1 - New Year's

March 2 to 8 - School Principal items

May 2 to 8 - Miss Strawe items

August 2 to 8 - Test of Courage Competition
Find the Medal of Valor in the Haunted House to receive an item from the large
ghost. You need to dispel at least one small ghost with Flatulence magic in
order to get the item. Each of the four players can participate and get an

October 2 to 8 - Autumn Mushroom Hotpot Cookoff [sic]
Bring dozens of mushrooms to Mr. Oakley in the Fungi Forest, but don't bring
any poisonous ones (Fly Agaric, Laughing Jim, or Moonlit). During the cook-off,
you have only one chance to eat, so make sure you cook enough mushrooms before
choosing to taste. Each of the four players can participate and get an item.

October 29 to 31 - Halloween
Let Jack-o'-Lantern play a trick on you, then locate him amongst your
classmates. Your reward will be a Halloween item. Each of the four players
can participate multiple times to get items.

Additionally, on your character's birthday, you can make money literally rain from the sky.

To do this, use the Lucky incantation (Incantation-Incantation-Incantation) and then wave your staff.

Each time you successfully wave your staff, a coin will fall down from the sky.
The amount of the coin will be added automatically to your money holdings. The
value of each coin increases as follows:

1st coin = 1 Ritch
2nd coin = 10 Ritch
3rd coin = 50 Ritch
4th coin = 100 Ritch
5th coin = 500 Ritch
6th coin = 500 Ritch
7th coin = 500 Ritch
8th coin = ??? Ritch

The Other Method

This is only if you're lazy, have a lot of free time, and don't want to do any of the above things. This is, arguably, the easiest method to becoming rich with ritch. (geddit I'm so funny)

Continuously create characters, collect their scholarship, place the money in your main character's room, delete character, rinse and repeat.

Well that's all the tips we have for you! Go ahead and become a Wizard Tycoon!

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