Zodiac (Star Sign)

Your compatibility with classmates depends on you and their zodiac or star sign symbols, which depends on your birth month (to find a classmate's birthday, go here). Here is a chart of the zodiac and what it means:

Birth Month Zodiac Initial personality diagnosis Limelight's personality diagnosis
January Broom You're the hardworking type that keeps to the straight and narrow. Positive
February Whirler You're the creative type. Positive
March Witch's Nose You're the type that can never say no. Adjusts to partner
April Bat Wing You're the type that likes to take the lead. Adjusts to partner
May Little Pot You're the type that has a strong sense of responsibility. Can meet halfway
June Lips You're the sociable type. Positive
July Heart You're the sensitive type. Needs change
August Big Pot You're the type that likes to cut loose with friends. Can meet halfway
September Scale Tail You're the studious and meticulous type. Can meet halfway
October Staff You're the calm and polite type. Needs change
November Hat You're the inquisitive type. Adjusts to partner
December Skull You're the clever type that can get through anything. Needs change
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